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International årsberetning, 2017

International årsberetning, 2017

Mercy Ships International seneste årsberetning.

Mercy Ships årsberetning 2017; “bringing Hope and Healing”.

Uddrag fra årsberetningen:

“From the Chairman.

In 2017, Mercy Ships served the people in Benin in West Africa and Cameroon in Central Africa. Of the countries measured by the United Nations Human Development Index (HDI), Benin and Cameroon rank near the very bottom in providing healthcare for their populations. For nearly 40 years, Mercy Ships has focused on countries that face such formidable challenges providing their people.

The UN Lancet Commission on Global Surgery studied surgery in low-income countries and concluded that billions of people lack access to timely surgical and anesthesia care. For almost four decades, Mercy Ships has provided free surgical and medical care to countries with very limited healthcare. In 2017, our dedicated, volunteer crew performed nearly 2,800 life-changing surgeries and over 19,300 dental procedures.”

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